Friday, September 4, 2009

4 the Grown & Sexy:

For all my grown folks who wanna spice things up and keep it "swexy". Yes, I said "swexy" + swag = swexy, lmao. If you are ever in the village by Mercer st, check out "Toys In Babeland"'s like a toy store for adults, hot stuff!:)

My Life:

Random moment in Central Park. Damn, I love being a New Yorker........

Entertainment:Can we let him be now?!?! Finally, R.I.P MJ:(

Months after his death Michael Jackson is "finally" laid 2 rest.....

Entertainment: DAMMIT Maia....

What I'm
about 2 share with u is disturbing yet sad at the same time. For all of those who may remember Maia Campbell from television show "In The House" which starred LL Cool J. Maia played Tiffany, the pretty daughter of Debbie Allen's character. It's been a min since she's been on the scene. Unfortunately, a video popped up a few days ago with footage of her in LA. Apparently, she has been on drugs for the past 2 yrs....DAMN Maia, I pray for this girl. Please check out link and see for yourself....SMH!

Swag of the week award:

My swag of the week goes to (drum roll....) My nephew Noah. Although he is 6 years old I tell ya, the kids swag is def on deck hahaha. Auntie loves ya!

Fashion: Guys, I didn't 4get about ya'll

I think with the right swag and outfit on, any man can kill these Gucci shoes!!

Friday's Quote:

"Do not require more than you give – no one should ask something of someone that they are not willing to give themselves." -unknown


Just received a new email from Gucci for the women's Fall line. These shoes are sick sick sick...mama needs a new pair of shoes, ooowwwwww! I need these in my life....nothing says HELLO FALL like these paired w/ some sick jeans or spandex....


So, I have been listening to Jay-Z's new album the blueprint 3 (sorry Jay about the early copy, lol). Pretty cool album nonetheless, it's CLASSIC Jay with his witty, swagged out sharp lines. So far my fav has to be "Hate" feat is so dope!!!

click on link above.


As this week comes to a slow end I realized that I miss my mama more and more. It's going on 2 yrs since I lost my mama Bernadette Daniel to cancer. She was an amazing mother, mentor and friend. You are missed dearly mommy and I'm going to keep shining and will make you proud. You will def see me @ the top...your pumpkin loves you, see u in my dreams!

Love hard & Live hard folks!!