Friday, October 2, 2009

Rest In Peace to Derrion Albert....

As many of you have heard Derrion Albert 16 years old was beaten to death outside his school. This is just a sad case...what is happening to our people?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!? This violent act was sooooo unnecessary...I am honestly @ a loss for words.
***Derrion’s family is asking the public for assistance in his burial and services. Global Grind spoke with the family and here are the details on how to donate:
Via Paypal (Send Money)email:
Via Mail:Derrion Albert Memorial
Fund10126 S. Aberdeen StreetChicago, IL 60643

Swag moment....

Once again...Rihanna kills it with this look. I don't care what anyone says...this outfit is sick! I respect folks who dare to be different!!!!!

Friday's Throwback #1: Jodeci feat Raekwon & Ghostface-"Freek N You-remix"-ALWAYS loved this song!

Friday's Throwback #2: Zhane "Sending my love"......

My "WTF Award" goes to.....

This random old dude....YUCK YUCK and ummmmm did I say Yuck?! Not only does his body look ridiculous with those tats but his penis looks GRRRROOOOOSSSSS!!!! I just threw up in my mouth....

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Random: A Poem that I wrote & wanted 2 share, it's entitled "The One"....

"The One"

Still having the ability to make his head turn after all these years
Him having visions of you raising his kids
Brightening his dark days like a ray of sun
That's how he knows that your "the one"
Bumping heads and getting into disputes
Even when his anger is at it's highest level, ur able 2 make up & call a truce
Making him a good meal and seeing a smile on his face when he is done
That's how he knows that your "the one"
Bringing you to his mama and claiming you as his woman
Falling in love with him while still remaining driven
Being mature enough yet, still keeping things fun
That's how he knows that your "the one"
Even after a tired day he still wants to make love to her
Protecting her like a warrior & would give her the world
Struggling 2gether and having hope even when he feels like there is none
That's how he knows that your "the one"
Although he messes up she finds it in her heart to forgive him
Him having the strength to stay faithful and not be with other women
Changing his wrong ways in the past for this love that he has won
When a man see's all of the above in his lady, he then realizes that she was ALWAYS…."the one"

By: L

Suspect of the day: Baby from Cash Money.....

Ummmmeerrrraaaaa...ok, I've heard rumors in the past about Baby and Lil Wayne having a fling and what not. Just when I thought, "u know what that's not true", this pic pops up. Baby sporting his new tat which is Lil Wayne's birthdate on his arm...mmmmmmmmm...rriiiiiiiggggghhhhttttt (sucking my teeth).......

Good Eats: NanKing Restaurant!

So, I just came from having lunch with my big sis @ one of our favorite places to eat, NanKing. The decor is great and the food is amazing, the cuisine is Fusion / Eclectic, Thai, Asian. Also, the prices are reasonable, lunch specials are only $10 a day!! I usually get the chicken mixed w/ black bean sauce and jasmine rice...YUMMO! Please check this place out, it's definitely a good spot:)
*Location:Nanking - Manhattan 1634 BroadwayNew York, NY 10019

Fashion: lace gloves....leather gloves...oh my!

Being that I am glove whore, lol....My homegirl Rossy sent me these yesterday, YAY! Thanks mama:)

Random: Spotlight of the day goes to Rihanna...chick is just dope, I can't even hate!

Only she can pull something off like this!

Thursday's Quote:

"Don’t grow weary in well doing – you will soon reap the benefits – everyone gets a due season."

My Life: My Mission 2 Madagascar.....

For those who don't know my mother Bernadette Daniel who passed away over a year ago was born and raised in Madagascar. For the past few weeks with the help of my boyfriend, I have been on a mission to find her family. I took it upon myself to go to the Malagasy Consulate yesterday and had the pleasure of meeting with some fellow Malagasy people. A woman in particular named Antoinette is helping me through this amazing journey that I am about to embark on. She is helping me find my mother's family and I am extremely greatful for that. Me and my boyfriend, my dad and my sis are planning to head to Madagascar next April. It will be my first time and I am very anxious to meet my mother's people. I am so overwhelmed and honored to experience this. I am doing this all for you mommy and I will make you proud. You live inside of me everyday and will make it to Madagascar or die trying. I promise you this…you're pumpkin will make this happen. I love you mama, rest in peace!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Afternoon giggles: Sometimes you just have to make fun of yourself!

Here is a pic that my babe took of me on the beach acting a fool getting my Karate Kid on. I decided to tweak it a lil and add a lil Ye twist to it for! Click on the image to get a better look:)

Fashion: New Arrival Classic tall Ugg in Bomber jacket chocolate. I need these!:)

Description :
The Classic Tall Logo is wrapped in genuine twin-face sheepskin that has been printed with the Classic UGG® logo. This style is one of our tallest boots that can be worn all the way up or cuffed down providing a different look. All boots in our Classic Collection feature a soft foam insole covered with genuine sheepskin and have a molded EVA light and flexible outsole designed for amazing comfort with every step.

New Music Leak #1: Devin The Dude feat. Brandy "Gimme Some"-HOT!

New Music Leak#2: B.O.B. "I am the champion"

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

For the grown & sexy: Position of the day- "Bucking Bronco"

Erotic Instructions:
He lies flat on his back with his knees bent and legs spread apart. Facing him, get on top and slowly lower yourself onto his shaft, keeping your knees bent and your legs outside his arms. Then lean back and support yourself on your palms as he thrusts his hips up and down.
Why You'll Love It:
The angle you create by leaning back is great for G-spot stimulation. Plus, his hands are free to make the rest of your body moan.

Fashion: Yves Saint Laurent Leather and Suede Y Bootie in Black

*They were $960.00 but now on sale for $187.00
*Go to for more shoes!

My Life: Day Dreaming @ times is such a beautiful thing...

Tuesday's Quotes:

"Dream no small dreams for they have no power to move the hearts of men."-Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

"Dream as if you'll live forever... live as if you'll die today."- James Dean

New Music Leak #1: Boyz II Men "Open Arms"

One of my favorite songs is "Open Arms" by Journey. Boyz II Men have released a remake of this ballad and I think they did a damn good job, check it out!

New Music Leak #2:Jagged edge feat. Gucci & Trina "Tip Of My Tongue"

My "WTF Award" goes to.....

Al Sharpton & Lisa Raye are now dating. I have NO WORDS....REALLY THO?!

Monday, September 28, 2009

A Purple moment: One word describes this pic "CLASSIC"

Prince is the ONLY person I know who can rock this outfit & STILL be cool, Dammit!!!

Random: This lil boy is amazing! Thank you Roz:)

Can the "New" nightmare put the "Old" nightmare to shame?! mmm....we shall see!

Since I was a kid I've always been a fan of horror movies, especially "A Nightmare On Elm Street". Although, nothing beats the original, Michael Bay is attempting to remake this classic which drops in 2010. I pray he does it justice, I am really stoked about this. Here is the trailer.....

My "WTF Award" goes to.....

East Cleveland mayor Eric Brewer, clearly he has been caught in a cross-dressing scandal, SMH! This photo of him was leaked today, and word is that there are other photos of him in lingerie, WTF?!

This is just not right...I really wish somebody would have beat his ass, dude @ the end came close though!!

Random: Not too shabby....@ least he's trying! Good looking Charles, lol.

Morning Giggles: Ye interrupts Usher...

Swag of the week award goes to....

T.I.-Just because...hahaha nah, joking. His swag is always on deck and even in jail still seems to be holding the dirty down!

Here is a new song that leaked of his entitled "She like it"....

Song of the day: "The Reason" by Hoobastank

This is by far one of my favs for so many reasons. It's not the actual video but just the song w/ lyrics. It's very touching and has so much meaning behind it!!!!

Monday's Quote....

"Love the heart that hurts you, but never hurt the heart that loves you."