Thursday, October 29, 2009

Thursday's Quote: Thanks for sharing this Youseline-Dope Marilyn Monroe qoute....

"I’m selfish, impatient and a little insecure. I make mistakes, I am out of control and at times hard to handle, but if you can't handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don’t deserve me at my best."-(Marilyn Monroe)

Once upon a swag: I always wondered what some folks looked like b4 they were struck by the swag bug. is what I came up with-YIKES, thank God for good stylists!:) LOL @Justin poor thang!

Cover Girl:

Michelle Obama covers Glamour Magazine-she looks fab!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Wednesday's Quote....One of my favorite quotes!!!

“…Remind yourself. Nobody built like you, you design yourself…”-Jay-Z

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

New Music: Wale feat John Mayer "Letter"- DOPE!!

To HATE or not to HATE?! THAT IS THE QUESTION. Why do women hate on other women?! Will we ever know the answer to this?

My thing is congratulate, don't be mad bc I have something or someone(lol) that you want. Be eaaassssssyyyyyyyyyyy……I feel that us as women should definitely take a step back and really grow the hell up!!! There is way too much going on in this world like HUNGER, CANCER etc!!!!! Focus on that rather than waste energy and time on hating on the next chick. Hey, I say "I got 99 problems but a hater ain't one"……that's one less thing we need to worry about ladies. Guess what? And if you do have haters put your blinders on and keep it moving!! Haters become distractions and dream killers. Yet, they also become fuel for us to go even harder. It's like we dislike them, but they kinda help us out, lol-it's kinda like a double edged sword. With that being said…I say Hate on Haters! Thank u -thank u- thank u….you're far too kiiiiiinnnnnddddddddd:)

If you've never experienced HATE or, may not know what it looks like- these are prime examples, beware ladies-lol:)

Pac -vs- Pac......

Being that I am a massive 2-Pac fan, I have been fighting this battle in my head for the past few days. I asked myself what was Pac's best moment in music….was it his (A) "Keep your head up days" where he was making somewhat conscious music, or was it (B) his more rugged aggressive "All Eyes On Me" days?!?!? Mmmmmmm…decisions decisions!!! Although, "Keep your head up" was my jam…I have to go with option B! Personally, Pac produced his best work yet, when he dropped "All Eyez On Me". He was raw, angry, uncut, passionate, ruthless, pure and just honest!!!!! Don't get me wrong now... I do appreciate his old cuts from "Brenda's Got a Baby", to "Temptations" etc…Basically, everything from "Strictly 4 my N----s" to "Makaveli" was CLASSIC. Yet, for some reason nothing tops All Eyes on me…I felt as if Pac was untoucable @ that moment. Definitely a "class act" & a "living legend"!!!

My Wtf award goes to (drum roll).........

Jasmyn Guy....what the heezy happened to you Whitley Gilbert?!?!  She did NOT, I repeat did not age well-YIKES!

Monday, October 26, 2009

My Life-Random: Me and my homie Kelly frontin like we really ride motorcycles lol. Hey, a gal can dream can't she? heehee:)

EAT OUR DUST (SIDEBAR) the engines weren't even running on either of the bikes! Kellz looks a lil more believable being that she actually has a helmet on, lmao.....

New Music Leak: Usher "Rockband" mmmmmm.....maybe it has to grow on me, not sure about this one yet Ursh...

Spotlight: My Q & A with Weiner Milien......

I was fortunate enough to have to opportunity to have a Q & A with fellow Haitian, Weiner Milien. Weiner is a "2 Time Emmy Award Winner" and basically a jack of all trades. He is a Cinematographer, Producer, Director, Lighting Designer, Former dancer (who used to dance for Special Ed) and former Grafitti Writer. Also, while doing this all, he is a family man! He recently worked on a project which is entitled "Just Blame Chad" that he produced along with Sean Williams. He will also discuss that further in the interview. So, for those who don't know about Weiner Milien, let me put you on. Again, thank you for having this sitdown with me Weiner, it was a pleasure. Enjoy folks……

(Q) How long have you been in the TV film / industry?

(A) I've been working professionally in the TV/Film business for 15 years.

(Q) You're a 2 time emmy winner, what did you win for?

(A) My first Emmy was for my video photography work during the closing ceremony of Ground Zero. Aside from a few still photographers and 1 other national "pool" broadcast camera I was the only other broadcast camera allowed to videotape from the pit.

(Q) Describe your daily grind...

(A) My day usually starts anywhere from 6a-7a, where my wife and I get the kids ready for school and the sitter. Once they are squared away I make my way to the offices of NYCTV, where I will coduct production related business for the station. This usually includes, scheduling crews, meeting with producers, fielding production requests, or if I'm on assignment, prepping for a shoot.

(Q) Is it easy to balance work for someone else in production with your own endeavors?

(A) The short answer is no. The long answer: When I first started in the business I was just happy to get any type of work because at the time I didn't have my own endeavors. Now, I usually go between jobs where I'm just a hire and gigs where I get more involved and become a producer or production consultant as well as a DP (Director of Photography). It does pose a challenge at times but I've met a ton of good people and have worked on some really interesting projects.

(Q) You grew up and still live in has that influenced your hustle and creativity?

(A) I grew up in a low-income to working class neighborhood where all I ever saw was people grind hard just to get by. In addition to that, my parents and most of my extended family are immigrants to this country. Watching how they came here with very little english and work their way up and around was very inspirational. It taught me to not take things for granted and to always push ahead. BK is creativity..look at the way they eat, live, walk, talk, get the picture!

(Q) A mutual friend tells me that you used to be one of Special Ed's dancers..please enlighten us...

(A) I grew up most of my life in Flatbush, Brooklyn and I knew Ed to be one of the local cats from the neighborhood. During my years at Tilden High School I managed to get the reputation of being a decent hip hop dancer and in my senior year Ed was transferred there and we became cool. When it came time for him to shoot the "I Got It Made" music video he asked me to get him some dancers and to choreograph a routine. Soon after the the video was out and the record became a hit he asked me and two of my classmates Belinda "Lyte" Boney and Patrice Buffaloe to join him on the road as his official dancers...the rest is history.

(Q) Talk about your latest project "Just Blame Chad"?

(A) "Just Blame Chad" is a sketch comedy show that my homie Sean "Paper Chaser" Williams and I are producing that is based on sneaker culture. It features skits that have been written by the members of the OSD (Obsessive Sneaker Disorder) crew and even has musical guests. The show comes from the podcast show that the OSD crew has been operating online for some time and a lot of the ideas stem from the many discussions they've had on the show. I was approached by Sean to help with the production end of things and it took me no time at all to realize that I was working with some of the funniest and most knowledgeable cats when it come to kicks. The first episode is available for viewing now at on the On Demand section of the site.

(Q) What made you want to get into TV/Film…what was your inspiration?

(A) Honestly, all I wanted was a "cool" job and when I went to college I just happen to walk into a editing class by accident and once I saw what they were doing I was hooked. I changed my curriculum from Respiratory Therapy to Corporate/Cable Communications. But I also remember being on the set of the "I Got It Made" video and being very intrigued by what the camera operator was doing like where he was placing the camera and listening to what the director was shouting. I was also a huge music video fan and believe all of these things happen to inspire me to want to get into the business.

(Q) Chip Fu was and interesting choice as a musical did that come about?

(A) First of all, Chip Fu aka Jungle Rock Jr is family! Sean and I went to Tilden High School with Chip. More recently, I just finished directing and producing a music video for Chip Fu called "Ridiculous" and when Sean told me that he wanted to have a musical guest for the show I suggested Chip and since he was familiar with some of his new music we both decided WHY NOT? He would be our inaugural guest plus we knew it would throw people for a loop. Shout Out to Chip!

(Q) Out of all of the projects that you've been involved in-what was your favorite?

(A) "Just Blame Chad" of course! The OSD crew is a group of talented and knowledgeable people shout out to Chad Jones, Dee Wells, Showidee, Megga, and our post production supervisor Patrick Ulysse. I also have to shout out 3 other projects that are near and dear to me not only because I have a vested interest but because of the people behind these projects such as Conrad Stojak, the writer and director of an independent feature entitled "The Woodhaven Pause", Jahidah Diaab, writer and producer of "Short Comings: Humor in Orgasmic Proportions", and Charles Jones, writer, director, and producer of the documentary feature entitled "The Life and Work of Dr. William A. Hinton". In each of these projects I am more than just a hired DP and I've done so willingly because I believe in each of the stories they tell, how they tell that story, and who is telling them.

(Q) What advice would you give to anyone who is interested in choosing a career in TV/Film?

(A) My advice to anyone who wants to get into this business....GO TO LAW SCHOOL! I'm kidding. I would first say go learn about the craft in anyway you can. Stay up on the technology too because it changes more and more rapidly everyday. I'd also strongly suggest that you intern at as many media organizations as you can. Lastly, if this is what you really want to do be serious about it and stay consistent good luck out there!

Fashion: New 2010 Gucci Cruise Collection-Mens & Womens shoes.....

Mens: moccasins with bamboo/metal horsebit and signature web.

  • caramel leather with beige/green/red web

  • nickel hardware

  • leather sole

Ladies: 'venus' high heel platform sandals.

  • black leather

  • front zip closure

  • leather sole

My Life: Fresh off the plane from Germany my co-worker Charles brought me back some exclusive German chocolate, YAY! Good looking homie....

Monday's Quote...

"Life, that ever needs forgiveness, has, for its first duty, to forgive."

Fashion: Air Penny II.......

This is the Sole Collector Penny 2. Which is Rumored to only 6 pairs in existence.