Saturday, September 19, 2009

Random: Mayweather winner of Mayweather vs Marquez fight!!

Good Eats: Southern Hospitality

If you are ever in the city and want some good comfort food with a Memphis twist, Justin Timberlake's restaurant "Southern Hospitality" is the place to be. The people, the music, the service and most importantly the food is great. My fav dishes are the classic mac and cheese, which is to die for and the bourbon peacan pie!!! You will not be dissapointed, at least I wasn't.

*Location: 1460 Second Ave., New York, NY 10075(btw 76th & 77th Streets)

My Life: Photo Ops...Thought it was time 2 take a few new pics just 4 fun. I was a little inspired by Prince during his Diamonds & Pearls stage, lol.

Friday, September 18, 2009

My Life: Spending time with my lil man Noah

Every chance I get I try to get some QT in with my nephew Noah. Eventhough he is 6, boy does he have a personality on him! He is definitely a trip and no matter what I am going through, always manages to put a smile on my face. Me and Noah, plus a camera equals pure sillyness. Always a good time with my lil one, he has to be the coolest nephew ever! Auntie loves ya kiddo.:)

Fashion: New Christian Louboutin Forever Tina Black boots

One word SEXY!!!!!

Friday Throwback Double Shot-Tears For Fears & Vanity 6, gotta luv it!

News:New Born Baby Raped And Beaten By Father-WTF?! I'm speechless

This is just SICK, I am speechless and VERY disturbed by this......

New Music:Check out that new Kid Cudi-"Man On The Moon"

Click on the link...Kid Cudi

Fashion: So Ambitious Tee

I sooooo need this t-shirt in my life...I gotta try to get my hands on one! Pharrell rocking that new "Ambitious Tee"....just like the song on Jay's album says "THE MOTIVATION 4 ME IS THEM TELLING ME WHAT I COULD NOT BE, OH WELL"....yyyyeeeaaaaaaaa:)

Random:Time to reflect......

As I have a few minutes to reflect, I’d like to touch on a certain subject this morning…which is "trust".
I've come to the realization that in order to have a happy, productive and loving relationship that is the key essential. Without it you have nothing. To my ladies, if you have a man that you love and cherish, allow yourself to trust him. Now, when I say trust I don’t mean half ass, if you do it that way, you will get nowhere(believe me I know). People make mistakes for we are all human. Yet, if that person is showing and proving to you wholeheartedly that they have changed, please don't hold what happened in the past against them. We are all adults and we either forgive and move forward knowing and "trusting" that our love one will do right by us. Or, do something about it….I was told that not too long ago (wink:)). I appreciate when I am enlightened and someone's words really makes me look at myself. I realized that when you really love someone ladies you work through the trying times and what has happened in the past is exactly where we should leave it "IN THE PAST". You cannot hold something against someone because of who they "USED" to be but love and trust them for who they are "NOW". Trust gets you a long way…it took me a long time to get to that point, but throughout my 29 years I've matured and even at times still have to get reminded that love is soooooooo much better with "trust". I consider myself a work in progress and I am learning everyday. I am fortunate enough to have someone in my life who helps me realize these things. When I am wrong, when I am right, who I learn from and who also learns from me. That's what love is all about... learning from eachother, growing, working through the hard times, supporting, loyalty, even knowing when to be quiet ( bc ladies we can talk waaayyy too much at times,LOL) and most important trusting. This I know now……ladies and guys pls take this into consideration.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Shout out to my Haitians:Haitian American Officer Inducted into Army Hall of Honor

Maryse Jean-Pierre King’s dream was to become a physician.But years later, King has given up the goal of making rounds in a hospital hallways. Instead she has taken up arms in the United States armed services and last month, King was inducted into the Army ROTC’s Hall of Honor. “When you’re a little Haitian girl growing up, you don’t think ‘I’m going to be a Lieutenant Colonel in the United States Army,” she said, with a chuckle. Lt. Col. Maryse Jean-Pierre King stood among two dozen officers inducted into the Army ROTC Hall of Honor at Lock Haven University, her alma mater in Pennsylvania. During the college military officer recruitment program recognized King for her service to the Army in the past three decades. Three weeks later, from her office in Fort Knox, Ky., King still sounded in awe during a telephone interview. “It felt, ‘wow,’” she said. “Thirty years earlier, if you had asked anyone if I’d be the cadet to come back, it wouldn’t have been me. “But every step of the way, it became a challenge, and it was like ‘Oh yeah, I can do that,’” King, 51, said of the military’s tasks. “You just break down the pieces. It [ROTC] definitely made me Army strong. The physically and mentally grueling, daunting training for Reserve Officer Training Corps students was only the first of many obstacles she’s successfully combated during a military career that’s taken her across the globe, built her confidence and given her the adventure she craved. Being one of the first female officers in leadership positions was another, as was taking on “the most dangerous jobs”, one mentor said. The order and discipline instilled in King as a child in Haiti also drew her to the military branch all those years ago at Lock Haven. They have also kept her serving-- through the intense travels, a marriage, then divorce, raising two children and one retirement, so far. “The military is not a job, it’s a lifestyle,” she said. “And I like order, discipline and good, healthy living. Being in the military makes you feel like you’re part of something bigger than you. It feels good to be part of something making history, something greater than you, something serving the world.” King is now in charge of training thousands of young recruits selected for a month-long Leaders Training Course at Fort Knox. As the camp’s main planner, she sets the exercises to be completed, manages resources, directs staffing for the program and supervises its progress.

New Artist: Paebak Black

About 2 weeks ago I was put on to an artist name "Paebak Black". His style is pretty dope and his sound is Hip Hop meets Reggae meets R & B. This St. Thomas, Virgin Islands native is definitely doing his thing and is someone we should look out for. Check out his Youtube videos as well as his myspace page (click on the link below)....

Books: "The Conversation"-By Hill Harper

This sounds like it'll be a pretty good read, I will definitely check it out!


In his moving yet practical book, Hill Harper undertakes a journey both universal and deeply personal in search of answers to these questions. He has conversations with friends and strangers—married, single and divorced—and learns about their private struggles, emotional vulnerabilities, and real concerns, and begins to see common themes emerge. As his journey picks up momentum, Hill begins to recognize his own struggles in other people's stories, and is encouraged to more deeply examine his own relationship issues.

Random: This is JUST WRONG...

So, my friend Tiffany sends these ridiculous photos to me on Facebook. She shares random pics of ppl and uploads them to the "Hoodbooger Chronicles". Yea, I said it Hoodbooger Chronicles(this random group on FB-HILARIOUS). Anyhoo, this HORRIFIC picture was sent to me yesterday. This is JUST DEEEEEEAAADDDD WRONG.

My "WTF Award" goes to.....

This random poor thing who CLEARLY has way too much time on his hand. Not to mention the fact that he needs to get rid of the pillow and get an "actual" woman in his life. LMAO...whatever floats your boat tho, I'm just saying....(SMH).

*Good looking Tiff for this one*

Music:New Jagged edge-Full Time Lover

A few people have been wondering (including myself) where has Jagged Edge been. They were always know for their sick love songs that always had a bit of a hip hop twist to it. Well, word is that they've been in the studio and here is a new single entitled "Full Time Lover" that has leaked. mmmm...still has to grow on me. (click on link to listen)....

News:Lab tech Raymond Clark arraigned on murder charges in slaying of Yale grad student Annie Le


Afternoon giggles:

Fashion:Wrist candy of the day-New Gucci Twirl watch (ladies)

Fashion: Christian Louboutin Lace-up Booties

Ladies, if these shoes are not sexy I don't know what is! Grab them on sale now for only $157.00 @

Thursday's Quote:

"In the attitude of silence the soul finds the path in a clearer light - what is elusive and deceptive resolves itself into crystal clearness. Our life is a long and arduous quest after truth." –Gandhi

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Music: Buffalo Stance

Since I am a junkie for all things "80's", I was so stoked when I found out that my good friend Corrine Henneberry (who is on the far left) was in a group called "Buffalo Stance". If you are a true 80's fan, you will definitely love them! Buffalo Stance is an all girl group that covers your favorite songs from the 80s! They perform dance choreography while singing live! They cover songs by artists such as Madonna, The Bangles, Bananarama, Expose, Lisa Lisa, The Go Gos and more! Guaranteed to put on an energetic, exciting and entertaining show! Group members are Corrine Henneberry( vocals), Lola Hamdan (vocals) and Barbara Serbes (vocals). Also, between their sets, DJ Stone Kold spins 80's jams to keep the party going while they do their sassy costume change!

Pls check them out when they are in a city near you. Here are some of their upcoming shows:

Friday, September 18, 2009
8:00PM - La Lanterna
Yonkers, NY
Sunday, September 20, 2009
8:00PM - Stout
New York, NY
Saturday, September 26, 2009
8:00PM - Dewey's Flatiron
New York, NY

*Shout out to my homegirl Corrine, thanks doll*

Wednesday's Quote:

“The only bad experiences are the ones you learn nothing from.” -Kevin Hoover

Fashion: Wrist candy of the day for guys...

Harry Winston Opus 8

Harry Winston's Opus concept watches are always eagerly awaited at Baselworld. This year's was created by French designer Frédéric Garinaud, who combined a case based on the look of a retro television set with a mechanical-digital display inspired by those "pin art" games that create a three-dimensional impression when an object is pressed against them.

Fellas, this is a GOOD LOOK!!

My video pick of the day: Probably one of the sexiest songs EVER!

Life & Culture:Madagascar

I am proud to say that my mama Bernadette Daniel (my she rest in peace) was born and raised in Madagascar. I wanted to share a few beautiful images from her country, enjoy....

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

News: Annie Le

Rest In Peace to Yale graduate student, Annie Le who's body was found in a wall on Sunday. Le's body was discovered in the basement laboratory on school grounds. No arrest have yet been made. Le was also set to get married to her boyfriend Jonathan Widawasky. Let's pray that they find the person who comitted this senseless crime.

Swag of the week award goes to....

I know this may sound crazy but "Lady Gaga". She is a nut job at times..but I love it and respect her for thinking out the box. Not to mention the fact that she can sing her ass off. Therefore, I give her this award for taking a chance with this look @ the VMA'S....

Rest In Peace Patrick Swayze:

Patrick Swayze has lost his 2 year battle with cancer. He was known for his roles in "Dirty Dancing" and "Ghost" which happens to be one of my favorite movies! I pray that one day they will find a cure for this bc it has taken the lives of so many beautiful people, including my mommy:(

*Sidebar-Many ppl didn't know that Patrick also sang and had a hit in the 80's which was featured in "Dirty Dancing" entitled "She's like the wind". Beautiful song, check out the video...

Entertainment:Ye apologizes

Last night Kanye West apologized on Jay Leno. I pray that it was sincere and that he has learned his lesson. I respect his "outspoken" ways but there comes a point where you should just stop. Move forward from this Kanye and learn from your mistakes:)


New fall boots for women...this is the latest that Gucci emailed me. This is definitely a good look ladies. Riddle heal platform boot with 3 side buckles and front up lace!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Random:Douche bag award goes 2.....

Kanye West...for his ignorant behavior @ the VMA'S. You are a super talented dude but...DAMMIT YE!

My Life:The VMA'S

So, last min I got called in for the VMA's.
I had a blast eventhough Kanye was a pure fool, I was so dissapointed. All in all, I was stoked to be there and definitely enjoyed. Highlights of the night was Janet tribute to MJ (CLASSIC), Beyonce, Jay-z and Pink!