Friday, November 13, 2009

Saturday Morning Cartoons-aaahhhhhhhhhhh the life:)

Growing up in the 80's I was cartoon crazy!!! I have amazing memories of waking up Saturday mornings w/ my bro and sis! We basically had a routine, way up at 7am, run to the kitchen grab a HUGE bowl of cereal (captain crunch w/ crunch berries my fav, lol) and fight to get the 1st seat in front of the tube. My top picks were Jem, Gummi Bears and Thundercats!! I wanted to pay homage to all my 80's babies and the dope cartoons they had back then. Gee wiz, they don't make em like this anymore!!!  **Sidebar- this is a pic that my mom took of me one Saturday morning while she was making breakfast:)

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Music: Travis Barker Mix-"Forever" . WOOOOWEEEE this Boi is BAD-Gots 2 luv Travis B.....

Since I first saw him with Blink 182, I've always been a fan of Travis Barker's.  What he does on the drums is pure genuis!!!  My respect for him went to another level when I saw what he did on Soulja Boy's song-Str8 MADNESS!  Also, not to mention the fact that i dig his clothing line "Famous"-super dope!

Check out how he kills Drizzy's song "Forever".......SICK!!!

Chains Gone Wild- Really Tho?!?!?!?!

I don't know if it's just me, but throughout the years I've noticed that more and more rappers have the most RIDICULOUS chain pieces ever!!!! I am not sure what the reasoning behind this is. Is it to draw more attention to yourself? Is it to so "show" who has more money? WTF is it?!?! It's not like these pieces are subtle and classy…you have folks with just about anything on their chains theses days. I've seen everything from a Frosted Flakes cereal box, from Bart Simpson, to a damn piece saying "Goon" like really tho? It just goes to show that some folk just don't know what to do with their money. It's a sad sad case and is definitely making us look bad. My thing is if you are going to have a chain at least let it be a little simple and tasteful. I can tolerate the Jesus piece or even a lowkey cross, but come on now. Word to the wise rappers, especially up and coming "young" ones!!! Please invest your money in some property or something that makes sense other than these LAME ass gaudy chains!!!!


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Music Spotlight-Melanie Fiona......

Ok….so last night I offically fell in love with Melanie Fiona's music!!!!I've heard of her here and there-but never took the chance to really sit down and listen to her material. I was a little tight with myself being that I waited so long to get put on to her, lol. Her music is super dope, she definitely has a sound of her own. With her rapsy voice, sick island beats and slight twist of doo-wop mixed with R&B, she is force to be reckoned with. Her sound is pretty unique, and what I love the most about her album is that she stepped out the box and didn't do "typical" R&B songs! Melanie made her 1st appearance opening for Kanye West on his 2008 Tour. With her Canadian-Guyanese background she credits Sade and Bob Marley as her influences. For those who don't know about her let me put you on. Although, I was a little late myself (lol)- I now jumped on the Melanie Fiona bandwagon. Check out her album "The Bridge" that dropped yesterday-hope u folks enjoy!!:)

**Here are a few of my personal favs from her album: "Monday Morning", "You Stop My Heart", "Give It To Me Right", "It Kills Me" and "Ay Yo".

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Oh My Word!!!- Pimps up hoes down......

So, I was watching the Tyra Banks show last night to pass the time before I headed to bed. I was clearly disturbed when I found out what the topic of the show was-"I am a female teen pimp"-WTF?!?!?

Not only was I disgusted at the mere fact that these 2 girls were straight pimpin other teenagers. I was also mortified by what they actually made these girls do and the entire process on how they went about it. Down to the clothes that they would buy for the girls (which was bright yellow) so they can easily be spotted by "the tricks". I was also floored when I found out that the 2 ring leaders would rent out an apt so the girls could live in-being that they ran away from home!!!! OOOHHHH LLLAAWWWDDD! What is this world coming to?!?!? When I have a child…I wish she would, BOI STOP!!!! SMH…..
***Sidebar- These 2 pimps look a HOT SIZZLING, GRILLED, STIR FRIED, SAUTEED MESS. I'm just saying…….

Monday, November 9, 2009

My wtf award goes to.....Kat Williams-PIMP DOWN!!!-Thnx L, lol:)

Katt Williams arrested, accused of burglary. This is his mug shot from the Coweta County, Georgia, Sheriff's Office, this was taken Sunday night-SMH.....

What Da Minx???

So…it seems like this new "Minx" fad is taking over.  I've heard about it here & there, but never really knew what it was. My homegirl got her nails done over the weekend amd sent me this pic. Looks pretty dope-I heard so much about this "Minx" movement. Several celebs are wearing it on their nails these days….word is that Beyonce is a huge fan and has been rocking the look throughout her enitire tour. Minx is a flexible polymer that is heated then applied to nails, like a sticker, they are a mess free, green alternative to nail polish and fake tips. I am not sure yet as to what the exact price range is but I will be doing more research ladies. I think I just might have to try this-nothing like sexy nails, yay! Stay tuned…..

Music: Janet Jackson's number ones......

For all the Janet Jackson lovers out there...Nov 17th she is releasing a number ones double cd!  This album contains all her hits...everything from "Pleasure Principle", "Nasty", "Again"  to even her updated material such as "Feedback".  This is going to be a good one folks, I definitely will have to get my hands on this!!!

My Life: Saturday afternoon QT w/ my nephew Noah. I love seeing the world through the eyes of a child-so pure, innocent & no cares in the world. Ahhhhh the good life.....

Noah giving his auntie that big ole smile....

Gee....Look what someone randomly wrote on the ground!!  hahaha:)

Me & my lil man.
flexin for the camera, lol.