Friday, November 6, 2009

So Unpretty.........

So….I bumped into this little girl on the train this morning who was the cutest thing ever. She was having a convo with her mom and being that I 4got my ipod @ home, I heard every damn thing on the train (whamp whamp). Being that the girl was talking so loud to her mom, I had no choice but to ear hustle, lol. She was about 5 yrs old, but boy was she talking. The conversation was random and she was telling her mom about her gym class and friends at school etc…..As the train pulled up to 125th st the little girl started talking about how pretty her friend Cassie was. I thought to myself-awwwww she thinks fondly of her friend…then, the convo took a weird turn. She then said "I think Cassie is so much prettier than me mommy, how can I be pretty". I was floored when I heard this little girl…not only was this girl BEAUTIFUL but @ such a young age her self esteem was 4 shot:( It honestly broke my heart to hear her say that. It also made me realize that us as women need to definitely encourage our young sisters to think highly of themselves!! No matter what you look like you should ALWAYS FEEL AND KNOW that you are beautiful, and never feel as if someone is better than you. Don't get me wrong now, it's totally fine to give other women compliments and never hate. I congratulate chicks all the time and tell them if they look nice, that's just me though. Not all women are like that….self esteem is one of the major issues that young girls face today. I was really disturbed that this little girl who was so young thought that she wasn't pretty. I cannot stress enough to you women the importance of knowing how beautiful you are inside and out. If you don't think highly of yourself TRUST when I say no one else will. Know that you are a queen, know that you are beautiful, know that you are fly, sexy, swagged out, intelligent, funny, corky, whatever it may be. Just KNOW that you are "THAT GIRL" and you are untouchable…not in a cocky way now, but just think highly of yourself. Love yourself unconditionally and know that you are perfect and if nobody else acknowledges that, God does. Jay -Z said it best "“…Remind yourself. Nobody built like you, you design yourself…” and I'm gonna end on that note….

Music News: Pharrell has added a new member to N.E.R.D.

Her name is Rhea, a Toronto native of Guyanese descent, met the fellas only once in person before she auditioned for them via Skype. She sang "His Eye Is on the Sparrow." Her rendition impressed the guys, and she soon found herself signing a deal w/ the guys of N.E.R.D. 

Her sound is pretty dope, let's see what the master minds of N.E.R.D. come up w/ now that they have a gal on their team.  I am so anxious for the album to drop!!!

Here is some footage of Rhea performing w/ Pharrell on Halloween:

Double shot-New Music leak: R Kelly feat Tyrese "Pregnant" and Drake "Go"....

R. Kelly feat Tyrese "Pregnant"


Thursday, November 5, 2009

Afternoon giggles: Courtesy of Lauryn...omg thanks JB, LMAO!

Awkward Family Photos....I'm speechless...REALLY!!!

Everyone has a guardian angel...but they arent usually that much taller than you

Some girls would have been devastated that there prom was being held at KFC...these girls embraced it.

Every girl should have a dream...even on her period

We are lawyers you can trust. Look.... we like kitties.

You guys might have a gun but I have TWO cats! Now what Suckas??

Who needs pacifiers when you have these?

No, I dont think he will develop "mother" issues, do you?

Whats a champion without his Pooh umbrella?

Nice leaning post there Adam!


I sure hope thats her boyfriend and not her brother or cousin!

My Life: Time Flies.....

As the end of the year is slowly approaching….only 2 months to go, I am doing a lot of reflecting. Amongst many things that's running through my head one that stands out is my mama. This Saturday 11/7 will make 2 yrs since my mom Bernadette Daniel has passed away from cancer. Some days I make it through the pain and try to drown myself in my work and surround myself w/ folks who love me. Yet, no matter what you do it never ever removes the emptiness you feel. It seems like yesterday I was laying in the bed with my mama combing her hair and laughing with her. Life is beyond precious….since losing my mother I have a new appreciation for people I Iove and just life period. I just can't stress enough to folks how amazing the love of a mother is…….or a parent in general. If any of you have an estranged relationship with your mom or dad please try to rectify it before it is too late. It is not worth it….I was fortunate enough to have an AMAZING relationship with my mom, she was my best friend, my mentor and my hero. Eventhough, I was very close with her I still wish there was more I could have done with her. I'd give my left arm just to have her back with me for one more day. Just to hold her face, smell her hair, eat her food, laugh with her …heck- even get cussed out by her haha, I'd give the world. With that being said, for those who still have your mom's still here with you, you are VERY lucky! The best advice I can give you is TAKE TOO MANY PICTURES, GIVE HER TOO MANY HUGS & KISSES, LAUGH TOO MUCH WITH HER, TELL HER YOU LOVE HER TOO MUCH, SAVOR RANDOM MOMENTS YOU HAVE WITH HER and most important RESPECT her. You only have one mom and trust when I tell you- when she is gone you will wish that you did all of the above and then some. Always remember you will never get the chance to make that quality time up. As I wipe my tears as I'm writing this I will hold my head high like my mommy taught me. I will move forward knowing that she is still very much with me everyday. I am reminded that whenever I look in the mirror, I see and I feel you mama. I salute you and I'm honored to be your daughter!!! Give me strength to make it through this Saturday, for I don't know how to mask my pain from losing you. Yet, I will try my best….promise! I have amazing people sticking by me and helping me through this mommy…thanks for blessing me with daddy, Marge, Greg & Noah and for keeping us strong. Thanks for my amazing friends who make me laugh when I wanna cry Sheeks, Kellz & Lah. Also, thank you for my baby Phoenix, he keeps me strong and supports me every step of the way. Can't wait for the day I see that beautiful face again….I love you and as Frank Sinatra said "I'll Be seeing you in all the old familiar places"………..

 Pumpkin :)

Really Tho Trey?!?!

So....Yesterday I saw Trey Songz video for "I invented sex" for the 1st time. The song kinda grew on me, can't front I caught myself rocking to it on the low. Although, I think Trey is waaayyyy too bony lol....he can sang his ass off and the ladies & guys lol seem to be loving it as you will see in the vids I posted up. Not only do I have the "clean version" of the video, but I also posted up some reactions from folks watching it for the 1st time. Ole Boy's reaction is the funniest to me, lol.

"I invented sex" video...

Reaction #1: haha....

Reaction #2:

Reaction #3:

From Throwing Bows 2 going low......

"Southern Hospitality"

"How Low"

Besides T.I.-Luda is one of my fav Southern rappers!!! His raw, animated southern swag brings life to his songs. Not to mention that he is known for his slick tongue & flirtatious lines in certain songs like "What's Your Fantasy" and "Splash Waterfalls". It's been a min since we heard from him in the rap game being that he has been focused on getting his acting career going. No need to fret…Luda is back with a sick song that he debut at the BET Hip Hop Awards entitled "How Low". When I first heard this I couldn't sit still and thought hhheeeee's baacccckkkk. Kudos to Luda for coming back w/ something hot for us. Not sure when his album is dropping but will keep u folks posted. Sidebar- here is "How Low" along with an oldie but goodie I threw in there!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Wednesday's Quote:

“Don’t allow fear to cripple you.”

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Swag of the week award goes to....Once again -Lady GaGa

There are just no words, lol....I respect her gangsta on every level, one word-DOPE!