Thursday, February 11, 2010

Rest In Peace Alexander McQueen......

Today the fashion world lost Alexander McQueen.  McQueen was known for his outrageous designs which whether or not you liked it, you had no choice but to admire.  My personal favorites were his "Armadillo" shoes which Lady Gaga made famous in her "Bad Romance" video.  At 40 yrs old-Such a young life cut short, word is that McQueen committed suicide:(  I never understood what could bring someone to take their own life, nothing is never that bad.  With that being said, the world of fashion will miss you Mr. McQueen, rest in peace......

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Urban Hang Suite on blog talk radio-Thursday's topic is "Can Haiti Stay Free?"......

Check out Phoenix Higgins and comedian Hadiyah Robinson tomorrow night  and every Thursday night @ 10pm on .  For all my  fellow Haitian people, tomorrow's topic is "Can Haiti Stay Free?".  Please  feel free to call and join in on the conversation.  Hope you all can support my man's show:)  Thank you in advance folks!!!


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Big V-day: Don't go in on cupid, it's really not a bad holiday:)......

Although some men loathe this holiday, I must say it's not that bad. I know what your thinking "of course you'd say that your a woman"-Believe it or not I don't "love" it for the obvious reasons like the flowers, candy, teddy bears etc...I dig it because it has to do with well....LOVE, it's as simple as that. Eventhough, I think flowers and stuff are cute and what woman wouldn't melt when your man gives you that??? Don't get me wrong….my heart skips a beat when my man does that for me. Yet, there is more to it like "intimacy" between you and your significant other. Now when I say intimacy, not just the physical aspect of it but mental. That day should be spent bonding with your loved one. Doing things that you probably never did or haven't done in a long time. Whether it be going to a different restaurant, new museum or even trying tantric sex-just something other than the norm. Throw all inhibitions out the window....let loose with your lover. That day should be about you two and celebrating your relationship. So, whether money is tight or your confused about what to do. Just do something the both of you love, take advantage of that day and allow yourselves to just "be". Personally, I think you should do these things everyday and any day "just because", not just on a holiday. To each is own though, that's why some folks may take this day as a certain opportunity to do so. With that being said, whether or not Valentine's Day is your cup of tea…tell or show your girl/man you love them. Appreciate the love that you have and enjoy your day. Love is a beautiful thing and unfortunately, many folks aren't blessed with the opportunity to experience it. Therefore, hold on tight to what you have!

Happy V-day peeps,


Fashion: Gucci Suede lace up for men.....

***lace-up shoes with gucci script logo and perforated trim.

taupe suede

nickel hardware

cap toe

leather sole

website exclusive

Monday, February 8, 2010

DAMN SHAME SPOLTLIGHT: Fools on "To Catch A Predator".........

Ok, I sooooo had to blog about this today!  Yesterday was a typical Sunday for me- I ate, was lazy on the couch and watched a marathon of "How To Catch A Predator" on MSNBC. 

Boy oh boy- It never ceases to amaze me how PITIFUL these men are. Not only are half of them old as hell, married and super susscessful (well, some of them,lol).  They also come up with the stupidest things to say when they are caught.  Mmmmm let me see like "OOOPPPS" (which one idiot said), "I thought she was selling a house and I saw the door open and decided to go in", "I knew about this show I was just testing it out", "I just wanted to stop by and bring her lunch", "I just wanted to be a mentor" and the list goes on...LMFAO.  Gee wiz, it's sooooo sad what a pedophiler will come up with when caught red handed.  One episode which took the cake was when a dude came in BUTT NAKED!  WHOA-with that being said, whoever created this show is genuis.  TISK TISK TISK to dirty thirsty lames out there.  As I tweeted earlier this morning- note to nasty geezers "PLEASE MAKE SURE THE COOCH IS @ LEAST OF AGE"-YUCK!

*If you have never seen the show, I advise that you tune in when you can.  Here are just a few idiots that were caught in the's a must see, check out MSNBC.