Thursday, April 15, 2010

Random: The Aye Aye- weirdest looking animal I've ever seen....

DAYYYUUUMMMMM- Was the first word that came to mind when I saw this piece of work!!!  This animal is called the "AYE AYE" and it's a native of my mommy's country "Madagascar".  This animal is the world's largest nocturnal primate and lives in forest canopies.  It has rodent like teeth and has a long thin middle finger.  I guess he uses it to flip folks the bird after they tell him how ugly his ass is, lol.  It's habits are similar to a woodpeckers and constantly gnaws holes in wood.  Yikes, this ish looks like an electrocuted Fievel!!!   No thanks-I'm gooooooddddd.....

Awwww Fievel, my bad forgot how cute you were:)

Skin bleaching- Is it that SERIOUS ladies?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Hola folks,

Sorry I've been off the radar for a sec. I'm back though!

While I was on my little hiatus, I caught a special about "Skin Bleaching" on tv. Although, this is not a surprise to me being that I've heard about this before. I am always taken back when I see the extremes some women go through. Not only are these women not satisfied with their own skin complexion. They now have their young daughters brainwashed as well!!! I witnessed a little girl saying how her mother makes her put on bleaching cream before bed. The girl was 9 YEARS OLD!!! Really though mom?!?!  If GROWN women can't be happy with the way they look, how do you think little girls who look up to you feel?! We set examples for them and our responsibility is to teach them self love/self appreciation. Love yourself no matter how different you are. Your self confidence should NOT be based on how DARK OR LIGHT you are ladies!!!!!!

As always I was very disturbed and a little worked up.  I am still confused as to how we can be uphappy with something that's  so beautiful.  If you don't love yourself just because of your skin tone, you have a MAJOR problem. I honestly have no sympathy for people who complain about something so miniscule. There are bigger things going on in this world. Like ummm I don't know...hunger, Aids, cancer, people with major deformities. NOT F**KING skin complexion issues!!!!! I am sorry but we've come too far for this to be a problem. Get a life and love yourself, whether your black, white, green, purple, mother of pearl, WHATEVER-lol. I KNOW I DO:)

Stay beautiful people