Thursday, February 25, 2010

Fashion Battle Wars: Apollonia -vs- Vanity.....

*** Apollonia


Prince or as I call him "The Purple One" was notorious for being surrounded by FIERCE looking women, especially in the 80's. Two of those particular women were his proteges. One being Apollonia, who starred in "Purple Rain" with him and the other being Vanity, who was the lead singer in the girl group "Vanity 6". She also starred in the movie "The Last Dragon".

To be quite honest, when I was younger I'd always get these two confused, lol. They sort of had similar styles and slightly favored each other with the long dark hair and fair skin complexion. They both shared a love for lace lingerie, paired with gloves, garter belts, capes and blazers. YES, I said it capes and blazers…I recall seeing Apollonia with a very revealing lingerie outfit with a Dracula type cape.  Similar to what she is wearing on the "Sex Shooter" cover.  It actually looked kind of hot, not many people can pull that off. Vanity was a bit edgy as well and oozed sex appeal just as much as Apollonia did, but was definitely a bit softer. Especially the character that she played in "The Last Dragon" when she asked Bruce Leroy to be her bodyguard, hahaha. I noticed she toned down the outfits a bit for that role. From a Sex Shooter to a Nasty Girl…these two were DOPE DOPE and ummmm did I say DOPE??? 

With that being said, I've come to a decision. In my book the winner is (drum roll)…….Apollonia!!! Not only were her outfits hotter BUT she definitely aged waaaaaaaaaaaayyyyy better than Vanity, DAYUM GIRL WHAT HAPPENED?!?!?!?!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Fashion battle wars of the 80's: Molly Ringwald -vs- Denise Huxtable.....

I must say, this is a hard one!  Molly Ringwald aka "Teen Queen" is the actress who starred in infamous 80's flicks directed by the late great John Hughes.  Some of these films you may be familiar with, such as "Pretty In Pink", "Sixteen Candles" and "The Breakfast Club".  By watching these movies not only have we've grown to love Molly as an actress but also love her wild and colorful sense of style.  Everything from the bomber jackets, the leather gloves, floral print shirts, the vests and let's not forget the pink lace dress!

Ohhhhhh Lisa Bonet aka "Denise Huxtable"...where does one begin?  This chick was beyond fly...the "rebel" in the Cosby kids clan-which is what I called her.  Her funky haircuts, the fedora hats, the blazers and one of the things that made her famous "THE DAD BUTTON DOWN SHIRT".  I adore her look....she made it cool to go in your dad's closet and throw on one of his shirts to wear to a party.

***My personal pick (drum roll)........being that I am sucka for short Psychedelic haircuts, lol DENISE HUXTABLE!!!  I still luv ya tho Molly:)

Tuesday's throwback: Celine Dion "The Power Of Love"....